[PVE-User] Thanks for the screen shot images

Oboe Lova cfytech24x7 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 15:41:30 CET 2023

Is the system you used to produce them running pve 8.x?  If so would you
kindly share your choices for each parm for the Rocky iso install
illustrated in the image screens of your pve? That could give me into the
ball park to learn what is required. (I will d/l the same image) Note that
I have investigated the advanced screens mentioned but either saw no info
or something I had to guess at on the 7.4 attempts.

Now that I (probably) have a good 8.0-2 install I can work through
populating the setup fields for creating  a VM on my pve.  Most noteworthy
 is that now I have choices offered in the pull down boxes and the help
screens in the gui explain in more depth how to go about choosing the right

I am still somewhat confused regarding uploading .iso images for VMs
because the help does not mention iso files but does mention other image
types. It even discusses converting qcow2  to a raw format.  But no mention
is given on how or where to do that although I think QEMU can somehow be
used.  Is this something that needs to use a command line routine?  Is the
host console? I am also unclear about the differences between the cd/dvd
options shown on the web gui.  I presume they relate to where the disk is
mounted but since neither choice gets an image to the VM for me am
stumped.  I did read your post sbout copying manually to the internal file
system.  Is the guideline screen out of sync with the help file?

Finally let me assure you that although I have asked many questions
regarding zfs I have not tried to configure it.  My goal here is to become
proficient with creating and running a few  VMs of interesting apps on a
simple single disk pve with an ext 4 file system.  My Ivy Bridge Dell
should be adequate as we have discussed.

Best regards,
Chuck in Libby MT (AB1VL)

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