[PVE-User] Adding VEs and containers to 7.4

Oboe Lova cfytech24x7 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 18:13:22 CEST 2023

Greetings to listers,

I have installed 7.4 VE and am finding no success in installing guest
images to what looks like a valid install, using the web gui at port 8006.
Specifically, the best I can do is create a vm using  a windows 7 dvd in
the node dvd drive and start an install session.  That runs for a while
then stalls while I watch in a console.  After that using console and other
ways to stop, reset, etc the vm so I can remove it are  ignored, though the
gui is still up and not frozen. Similar symptoms trying various Linux
distro dvds, from either iso image or burned install disks.  I also fumbled
around until I managed to upload an iso from laptop to a second internal
hdd disk but I can’t find a way to load it to a new vm.

Goal is homelab and a separate bookworm as VMs.   So what I obviously need
is docs on definitions and caveats for each gui option in the web gui.
Examples: how to create a vm from qcow2 image. Functionally what does  QEMU
checkbox do since I get console either way?  I expect command line
maneuvers will be required.

I have read the current wiki and tried help screens but haven’t found
anything that gives me a detailed recipe.    I would also like to use a
three x 500 GB disk zfs raid but can’t find when  or where I do the zfs
setup.  No install option on install except ext 4 partitons.   Dell XPS
 8500 i7 16 GB ram 4 physical / 8 threads.   Allocating 2 cores with
default lvms 2048 memory per vm.

Tnx in advance

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