[PVE-User] Still investigating connectivity issues

Oboe Lova cfytech24x7 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 03:25:35 CET 2023

After setting the gui workstation IP manually and setting link speed to a
different option I reestablished connectivity to the node but this
eventually timed out.  Yet node and gui workstation could continue pinging
each other.  I am pleased with console performance of the VM while it is
working.  I am able to ping the node from the VM (bookworm).

It seems layers 1 through 3 stay intact between  node and gui workstation
but something above needs tweaking.   They are connected to the internet
router on 1 Gb ports.   Next step is  testing on node to gui resiliency
with and without VM started - along with research on non default network

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