[PVE-User] pve-user Digest, Vol 160, Issue 13

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Jul 12 09:31:35 CEST 2021

Hi Christoph,

El 12/7/21 a las 9:01, Christoph Weber escribió:
>> For the boot disks we use 2 or 3 mirrored zfs disks to be sure...
> Sounds like a good idea in retrospect ;-)
> Until now I just was under the impression that the system disk does not contain very important data and can easily be replaced ...
I really think it is the case really :)
> @Eneko Lacunza
>> Do you have Ceph OSD journal/DB/WALs on system disk?
> No, we have everything belonging to one OSDs on the corresponding SSD drive.
Ok this makes things simpler ;)
>> Moving OSDs from node3 to node6 would trigger data movement, but I'd go
> Will it? I thought it might just relocate the ODSs location in the crush map from node3 to node6 when I shut down the prodve3, remove the disks and reinsert them in node 6? At least that was my impression in a thread here on the mailinglist a few weeks ago.

You'll have to be very careful managing Ceph crushmap to avoid data 
movement. You'll have to set norebalance and be sure that topology is 
the same before and after the changes... :)

>> node3, "pvecm delnode" it, reinstall with new system disk and rejoin cluster.
> This seems to be the best solution.
> Maybe we will just discontinue the node, as it is getting near its planned lifetime ...

I had to reinstall one or two nodes in the past, kept name and IP 
without any trouble.


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