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don´t be afraid! ;)

It´s straight forward, important is only not to use the same ip and name 
on the host, then there will be no problems. No need to keep any config 
- setup the osds again, moving them is a thing I did not try and seems 
to be to much of an effort, easier to reinstall.

best regards


Am 12/07/2021 um 09:01 schrieb Christoph Weber:
> Thanks for your advice, Ralf and Eneko ,
> @Ralph
>> please read the documentation about removing/replacing a Node carefully
>> - you may not reinstall it with the same IP and/or Name as this will crash your
>> whole cluster!
> This is my bigges fear ...
> Thanks for pointing me to the manual - there is in fact an detailed explanation which files to keep before reinstalling the node under "Re-installing a cluster node".
> This is excactly what I was looking for, with detailed step-by-step walktrough.  Though I'm not sure if I will give it a try - looks a bit risky to mess things up in one of the many manual steps.
>> For the boot disks we use 2 or 3 mirrored zfs disks to be sure...
> Sounds like a good idea in retrospect ;-)
> Until now I just was under the impression that the system disk does not contain very important data and can easily be replaced ...
> @Eneko Lacunza
>> Do you have Ceph OSD journal/DB/WALs on system disk?
> No, we have everything belonging to one OSDs on the corresponding SSD drive.
>> Moving OSDs from node3 to node6 would trigger data movement, but I'd go
> Will it? I thought it might just relocate the ODSs location in the crush map from node3 to node6 when I shut down the prodve3, remove the disks and reinsert them in node 6? At least that was my impression in a thread here on the mailinglist a few weeks ago.
>> node3, "pvecm delnode" it, reinstall with new system disk and rejoin cluster.
> This seems to be the best solution.
> Maybe we will just discontinue the node, as it is getting near its planned lifetime ...
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