[PVE-User] Strange storage usage reporting (PVE 6.4-13)

Bertorello, Marco me at marcobertorello.it
Mon Jul 12 14:36:35 CEST 2021

Dear PVE-Users,

I've noticed a strange storage usage reporting in gui (and using 

I've a 3-nodes clusters with local storage on ZFS.

On all nodes there is a zpool named zp1 where is placed the main data 
storage (DS1):

zfspool: DS1
         pool zp1
         content images,rootdir
         sparse 0

inside this zpool I created a directory named Templates for storing ISOs 
and LXC Templates:

dir: Templates
         path /zp1/Templates
         content vztmpl,iso
         shared 0

On all 3 nodes, the directory contains the same files (2 ISOs and 2 LXC 
Templates), with the same amount of data:

# ssh pve1 du -hsx /zp1/Templates/
1.7G    /zp1/Templates/

# ssh pve2 du -hsx /zp1/Templates/
1.7G    /zp1/Templates/

# ssh pve3 du -hsx /zp1/Templates/
1.7G    /zp1/Templates/

Looking in the GUI, for the 1st and 2nd server, I see

Usage 0.05% (1.75 GB of 3.84 TB)
Usage 0.05% (1.75 GB of 3.77 TB)

But, on the the 3th server:

Usage 14.69% (564.79 GB of 3.85 TB)

the last usage is clearly wrong, but i cannot undertand why.

The storage was configured at cluster level, it should be the same for 
all the nodes in the cluster.

I tried to remove the Directory configuration and to recreate it, but 
without changes.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Marco Bertorello

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