[PVE-User] Temporary add a node to a cluster...

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 19:38:56 CEST 2020

Are you trying to convert (P2V) a physical server into a VM and then after
repurpose the same server into a standalone PVE host?
If so, then definitely it won't be quick, especially without some kind of
shared storage.

You could potentially reduce the time needed by following these steps...

- P2V your physical server into a VM at your test PVE cluster.

- Shutdown original server and then start its VM version on your test
cluster. Leave it running there for some days and see if everything
is working properly.

- Repurpose original server into a PVE host but do _not_ add it as a new
cluster member on your test cluster. Just connect it to the same physical

- Start copying the running VM onto this standalone PVE host. You could use
rsync for example or zfs send/recv if you are using ZFS at both sides.

- Once transfer is finished,  shutdown the VM on the test cluster and then
immediately do a final rsync or zfs send/receive so that the latest changes
are replicated on the target server.

- Create a new VM on standalone server and attach the VM disk onto it.

- Start the VM on standalone server and delete it from your test cluster.


On Sat, 25 Jul 2020 at 14:00, Marco Gaiarin <gaio at sv.lnf.it> wrote:

> I need to do a P2V 'in place' for a server, and i can use for that a
> 'test cluster' (two HP Microserver) i own.
> But the final result would be two different clusters.
> Also, i don't have too much space or time, so my idea is (as just done
> before):
> 1) P2V the server in my test cluster
> 2) reinstall the server with pve, join to the cluster
> 3) migrate the VM to the server.
> 4) 'detach' the cluster, eg, following:
>         https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Cluster_Manager
>  delete from server my test cluster and delete from test cluster my
>  server.
> But is this way the server will belong to my 'test cluster', and
> clusters cannot be renamed, right?
> There's some way to 'uncluster' a server?
> Thanks.
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