[PVE-User] FC-Luns only local devices?

Hermann pve at hw.wewi.de
Sat Jul 25 18:04:19 CEST 2020

Hello Chris,
(Sorry for not answering to the list, PM was sent erroneously.)

Thank you for the eye-opener.

I managed to configure multipath and can see all the luns and was able
to create physical volumes and so on.
I assume it is correct to configure LVM as shared, because proxmox
itself handles the locking. At least a test with an ubuntu-vm went well.
Only problem was that I could not stop the vm from the GUI, because a
lock could not be aquired.

Could you explain in a short sentence, why you avoid partitioning? I
remember running into difficulties with an image I had created this way
in another setup. I could not change the size when it was necessary an
had to delete and recreate everything, which was quite painful, because
I had to move around a TB of Files.

Have a nice weekend,


Am 30.06.20 um 12:21 schrieb Chris Hofstaedtler | Deduktiva:
> Hi Hermann <NoLastName>,
> * Hermann <pve at hw.wewi.de> [200630 10:51]:
>> I would really appreciate being steered in the right direction as to the
>> connection of Fibre-Channel-Luns in Proxmox.
>> As far as I can see, FC-LUNs only appear als local blockdevices in PVE.
>> If I have several LWL-Cables between my Cluster and these bloody
>> expensive Storages, do I have to set up multipath manually in debian?
> With most storages you need to configure multipath itself manually,
> with the settings your storage vendor hands you.
> Our setup for this is:
> 1. Manual multipath setup, we tend to enable find_multipaths "smart"
> to avoid configuring all WWIDs everywhere and so on.
> 2. The LVM PVs go directly on the mpathXX devices (no partitioning).
> 3. One VG per mpath device. The VGs are then seen by Proxmox just
> like always.
> You have to take great care when removing block devices again, so
> all PVE nodes release the VGs, PVs, all underlying device mapper
> devices, and remove the physical sdXX devices, before removing the
> exports from the storage side.
> Often it's easier to reboot, and during the reboot fence access to
> the to-be-removed LUN for the currently rebooting host.
> Chris

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