Proxmox VE 6.x deployments with Ansible

Musee Ullah lae at
Sat Oct 12 20:25:03 CEST 2019

v1.6.2 has been cut. You can install the role using:

ansible-galaxy install lae.proxmox,v1.6.2

The full release notes can be found on Github [0], but the following bit
is important:

Support for the following role variables will be removed in the next
minor version (1.7.0):


If you are overriding any of these, please update your playbooks to use
|pve_cluster_addr0| and/or |pve_cluster_addr1| now.

Ceph testers are still needed - namely to come across issues like #73
[1] and help resolve them (as I personally do not have resources to test
physical PVE deployments anymore) and flesh out the documentation [2].

Side note, but if any of you are looking for some problems to solve for
Hacktoberfest, there are a few feature requests on the tracker you could
check out [3].


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