[PVE-User] rbd lock list -- how to track down to client?

Alwin Antreich a.antreich at proxmox.com
Tue Apr 30 10:02:46 CEST 2019

Hello Igor,

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 02:30:19PM +0700, Igor Podlesny wrote:
> In most cases I've found people were willing just to remove the lock.
> But as to me it's better try to find if there's no legitimate use
> before doing that.
> So, as an example (at
> https://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshift-archives/dev/2016-January/msg00110.html)
> > $ rbd lock list cassandra
> >
> > There is 1 exclusive lock on this image.
> > Locker       ID                         Address
> > client.10197 kubelet_lock_magic_nodebr0
> How would one find out what's using it?
> The only clear item is IP address (and port number is indicated as "0"
> which isn't any helpful), but obviously host can have tons of RBD
> clients running as well.
> Can 10197 or 1005447 give any cue?
> Also, with Proxmox KVM ID looks as "auto" followed by rather big
> integer. Can it be used for such tracking?
Once you have the client, you connect to it run a 'rbd showmapped' to
see which rbd device is mapped to which image.


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