[PVE-User] Problems with backup process and NFS

Uwe Sauter uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com
Fri May 19 10:43:26 CEST 2017

Hi all,

after having succeeded to have an almost TCP-based NFS share mounted (see yesterday's thread) I'm now struggling with the backup
process itself.

Definition of NFS share in /etc/pve/storage.cfg is:

nfs: aurel
	export /backup/proxmox-infra
	path /mnt/pve/aurel
	server <ip of server>
	content backup
	maxfiles 30
	options vers=3

With this definition, <server>:/backup/proxmox-infra is always mounted on /mnt/pve/aurel on every one of my PVE servers.

Definition of backup job is:
  Nodes: all
  Storage: aurel
  Day of week: Mon-Sun
  Start time: 22:00
  Selection mode: Include selected VMs
  Send email to: <my email address>
  Email notification: always
  compression: lzo
  Mode: Snapshot
  Enable: true
  VMs: <selection of VMs>

Issue 1:
Backups failed tonight with "Error: mount error: mount.nfs: /mnt/pve/aurel is busy or already mounted".

Question 1:
Do NFS shares that should be used for backups need to be "disabled" so that the backup process just mount the share in preparation
of the backup? If so, there is a problem with the WebUI as I cannot select a disabled storage location when defining or editing a
backup job.

Issue 2:
When the backup process failed no email was sent to the specified address though email notification mode is set to "always".
Emails in general do work, at least apticron sends update notifications and sending mails from CLI also works.

Question 2a:
Why was no email sent after the backup process failed?

Question 2b:
Does the WebUI use a different method for sending emails? If so where can this be configured?



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