[PVE-User] Windows Server 2003 HP 6400 RAID

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Fri Mar 24 15:34:17 CET 2017

Il 24/03/2017 13:57, Hexis ha scritto:
> I recently did a P2V onto LVM thin from a Windows 2003 server running
> on an old HP Proliant with a HP 6400 U-SCSI RAID. I used dd | ssh to
> accomplish it, and then of=the actual lvm volume. This completed
> successfully, however, I cannot seem to get SCSI drivers working, so
> it simply boots to the windows loading screen and crashes... I am
> hesitant for obvious reasons to do too much tampering with the host OS
> pre-migration.
> Does anyone have experience doing this? 

Personally this is how I proceed in such cases (if the original server
cannot boot).

1. Connect the HD as IDE drives in the VM
2. Try to boot windows
3. If it starts then go to point 7
4. If it does not start, then I start Windows with an ISO of the OS and
run in recovery mode. This allows you to launch a registry editor and
load a registry hive.
   an alternative is to install a temporary windows into another disk,
boot from there and load the registry of the server.
5. In the registry I go and enable the ide drivers to start at boot
(HKLM\System\... look if up in the internet)
6. Then I boot windows (hopefully the change did it's magic)
7 I install virtio drivers and then migrate the disks to use virtio.

That's roughly the procedure.
Of course this could be avoided if the original server is working by
merging directly the mergeide.reg file before doing the p2v conversion.

Hope this helps,

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