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Fri Mar 24 19:48:17 CET 2017

  So, i originally set these up as SCSI drives in Proxmox. Since I am  
using LVM-Thin, I don't think I can change the hard drive type? Does  
this mean that I have to create another disk and dd it in? Do I need  
to set the bs=1024?

I will look into the IDE drivers. 


Quoting Alessandro Briosi <ab1 at metalit.com>:

> Il 24/03/2017 13:57, Hexis ha scritto:
>> I recently did a P2V onto LVM thin from a Windows 2003 server running
>> on an old HP Proliant with a HP 6400 U-SCSI RAID. I used dd | ssh to
>> accomplish it, and then of=the actual lvm volume. This completed
>> successfully, however, I cannot seem to get SCSI drivers working, so
>> it simply boots to the windows loading screen and crashes... I am
>> hesitant for obvious reasons to do too much tampering with the host OS
>> pre-migration.
>> Does anyone have experience doing this?
> Personally this is how I proceed in such cases (if the original server
> cannot boot).
> 1. Connect the HD as IDE drives in the VM
> 2. Try to boot windows
> 3. If it starts then go to point 7
> 4. If it does not start, then I start Windows with an ISO of the OS and
> run in recovery mode. This allows you to launch a registry editor and
> load a registry hive.
>   an alternative is to install a temporary windows into another disk,
> boot from there and load the registry of the server.
> 5. In the registry I go and enable the ide drivers to start at boot
> (HKLM\System\... look if up in the internet)
> 6. Then I boot windows (hopefully the change did it's magic)
> 7 I install virtio drivers and then migrate the disks to use virtio.
> That's roughly the procedure.
> Of course this could be avoided if the original server is working by
> merging directly the mergeide.reg file before doing the p2v conversion.
> Hope this helps,
> Alessandro
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