[PVE-User] Bare metal to proxmox on the same box

Alwin Antreich sysadmin-pve at cognitec.com
Tue May 17 11:56:01 CEST 2016

Hi John,

as far as I know, ZFS is not a cluster aware filesystem. You will best use NFS/SMB on proxmox for allowing access from
multiple guests. I assume you have other needed services on your Ubuntu machine, otherwise why virtualize it? As another
option you could attach the raw disks directly to your ubuntu VM, but then no images can be stored on the zfs pool(s)
through proxmox.



On 05/16/2016 10:36 AM, John Sullivan wrote:
> I've currently got a server running Ubuntu 14.04 with a single boot/system
> SSD and a 15 drive fully-committed zfs pool. I'd like to virtualise the
> machine without losing anything at all. Could a more experienced (with
> proxmox) eye look over the following plan and tell me where it's all going
> to go wrong?
> I know that proxmox can use the zfs pool to storage images, but the thing
> I'm still a little hazy on is whether it can also expose the pool (or
> filesystems on it) to guests, and moreso, to multiple guests at the same
> time.
> My plan is to:
> * Buy a 2nd SSD, install proxmox on it
> * Create a blank VM
> * Use rsync to copy everything from my current drive to the VM
> * (If it all works, I can then use both SSDs are a mirrored RAID, if not, I
> can just put the original SSD in and be back at square one)
> * Start splitting services off the original machine to other
> VMs/containers. These will all need access to the main zfs data storage
> * ...
> * profit!
> What am I missing?
> Thanks in advance...
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