[PVE-User] Bare metal to proxmox on the same box

John Sullivan lists at benzo8.org
Tue May 17 12:37:26 CEST 2016

Hi Alwin, thanks for the response...

> as far as I know, ZFS is not a cluster aware filesystem. You will best use
> NFS/SMB on proxmox for allowing access from
> multiple guests.

OK, but I would be able to: a) import and mount the existing zfs pool in
the proxmox host, and b) make that available via nfs to virtual machines?
And thus c) when I mount the nfs share on the virtual machine, in the same
location, it will appear as if nothing's changed?

> I assume you have other needed services on your Ubuntu machine, otherwise
> why virtualize it?

Well, partially it's an experiment, partially it's future-proofing,
learning, etc. And the server capacity is so far massively underused, so I
have ideas of what else I can do with the machine once it's virtualised!


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