[PVE-User] Doubt about Virtual Routers on Proxmox

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Thu Sep 17 19:13:37 CEST 2015


> Hi Hector,
> I do speak spanish, you can write off-list in spanish if you want,


> but I think that writing in english in-list can be good for everyone.

Sure. I'm agree with you. :-)

> El 17/09/15 a las 13:37, Hector Suarez Planas escribió:
>> > It all depends on your requirements of security and performance.
>> Hum... Can you explain me that, please? A small example. :-)
> You now, it isn't the same to have a military customer, a comercial 
> customer in high sensivity market (railroad or airplane supplier for 
> example), or a small local goods supplier... security requirements and 
> paranoia are at different levels... :)

Yes. You are right.

>> >
>> > We have several small office Debian-based firewall/routers virtualized
>> > on Proxmox servers, for some years now.
>> Oh, I'm glad to hear that. Now there is a boom in use of pfSense, but 
>> I remain with VyOS. I prefer the Debian based distros. One question: 
>> Do these offices have complex or simple networks? I would like to 
>> abound more on the subject. I mean, if it's not too much to ask, of 
>> course.
> Our customers usually have a simple LAN with VPN access. Some have 
> also a permanent VPN across sites. We ourselves have remote workers 
> via VPN and also permanent VPN to cloud (Proxmox) servers.
> All our deployments use plain Debian with IPtables and OpenVPN. We use 
> fwbuilder for easy iptables configuration.

Ok. I understand.

>> Sorry for my bad English.
> You're doing quite well so far ;)

Hehehe, thanks.

See ya.

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