[PVE-User] PHP PVE noVNC from external site without 401 no ticket error

bobs bobs at sectorlink.com
Mon Sep 14 22:21:31 CEST 2015

I want my clients to be able to see their openvz console from our site 
without going to the Proxmox admin panel first.

PHP class I'm using:

host = IP address of Proxmox
console  = openvz
vmname = host
user = root
password = ticket for pve login

What are the proper parameters I need to pass? Here is what I am trying 
to pass:

<iframe src="https://<?php echo $host; ?>:8006/?console=<?php echo 
?>&novnc=1&encrypt=1&true_color=1&shared=1&view_only=0&vmname=<?php echo 
$host; ?>&vmid=<?php echo $vmid; ?>&node=<?php echo $node; ?>&user=<?php 
echo $user; ?>&password=<?php echo $ticket; ?>&password=<?php echo 
$ticket; ?>&vncticket=<?php echo $ticket; ?>"
         width="840" height="900" frameBorder="0">Browser not 

When I run this script I get error: 401 no ticket.

I've read that: You may need to alter the proxmox perl file to allow 
external VNC connections with ticket authorization? Where is this file 
and what do I need to change.

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