[PVE-User] Problem with RAID 5 in HP Server

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu Oct 1 23:29:29 CEST 2015

As long as you have a P400-series RAID controller in the server, you 
should be fine.  Make sure you engage HP tech support prior to putting 
the old drives in the new server - one wrong keystroke can destroy all 
your data.  (And where are your backups?!?)

Having said that, software RAID is substantially more resilient to 
*total* hardware failures than hardware RAID - there's no need to match 
the specific RAID controller model anymore.  On the other hand, hardware 
RAID tends to deal with minor failures (i.e. one dead disk) much more 
easily and rapidly and effortlessly.  YMMV.

The new server being not exactly the same shouldn't be a problem for 
Linux (unlike Windows...).  If you're doing PCI IO-V, however, it may 
matter if you switched processor brands (i.e. AMD vs Intel) as they 
require different modules and boot options, but Proxmox should still 
boot just without IO-V.  If you're using IO-V or USB pass-through, your 
device paths may change with the new hardware.

The RAID configuration is stored on each hard drive as well as in the 
controller's NVRAM; I recommend resetting the controller to factory 
defaults with *no* RAID configuration at all on the new drives, prior to 
inserting the old drives.  Only insert the old drives while the RAID 
controller is (cleanly) powered off, not while it's running!  And if at 
all possible, again, engage HP support for this kind of disaster 
recovery, if you've never tested the procedure before.


On 15-10-01 01:13 PM, Eric Abreu wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> I am a proxmox enthusiastic user and I have installed on my server HP 
> Proliant ML350p Gen8, everything was working perfect until a lightning 
> stroke the server and burn the motherboard. I had proxmox on a RAID 5 
> (4 x 300 GB hard drives). I just have ordered a new server but the new 
> one it isn´t exactly alike the old one. My questions are:
> - The new server has to be the same or if it has the same RAID 
> controller (HP Smart Array P420i) would be enough.
> - The new server has to come with 4 x 300 GB identical hard drives for 
> setting them to RAID 5 and then replace with the old ones. Do you 
> think it will work?
> Has anyone ever happened through this.
> Sorry the off topic but i dont know where else to ask.
> Thanks in advance
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