[PVE-User] Open vSwitch and Clustering

Brian Hart brianhart at ou.edu
Sat Jan 17 18:24:29 CET 2015

Adam --

Thank you for the response.  I even tried backing out open vswitch
completely - purging it from the system - and then manually reconfiguring a
single NIC without even a bridge and could not restore the multicast
communication.  However, I reinstalled the single node I tried setting up
OVS on, deleted it from the existing cluster configuration on the other
system (which wasn't reloaded), and re-added it and its working again.
Nothing has changed on the switch or the other node.  It seems for some
reason as soon as I installed OVS it broke multicast for that node
completely and the only way I could restore it was to reinstall.

It sounds like my experience is worse than yours though?  In your case you
still have OVS installed and it is still working?



On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 5:08 PM, Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net>

> When running cluster communications through an ovs virtual interface, I
> encountered repeated communications problems.
> Not 100% sure OVS was to blame, but since rebuilding and putting cluster
> communications on a dedicated NIC I haven't had any problems.
> -Adam
> On January 16, 2015 4:54:18 PM CST, Brian Hart <brianhart at ou.edu> wrote:
>> We got two new systems that we installed the latest version of proxmox
>> on.  Did an apt-get update and dist-upgrade to make sure they were on the
>> most recent versions.  We then created a cluster and got them talking and
>> all that went fine.
>> The problem came when we added OVS to one of the nodes and set it all up
>> in the GUI.  Once we did a reboot we have not been able to get the cluster
>> communications to work since then.  We have tried to revert it back
>> completely - removing open vswitch packages and all and doing a stock
>> config in the /etc/network/interfaces file but we cannot get multicast to
>> work now between the two nodes.  Nothing else changed.
>> Has anybody else run across this or are there known issues with doing OVS
>> and clustering?  I've done a lot of google searching but have not found a
>> clear answer or solution to a problem like this.
>> Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> Brian
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