[PVE-User] Open vSwitch and Clustering

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Jan 17 00:08:37 CET 2015

When running cluster communications through an ovs virtual interface, I encountered repeated communications problems.
Not 100% sure OVS was to blame, but since rebuilding and putting cluster communications on a dedicated NIC I haven't had any problems.

On January 16, 2015 4:54:18 PM CST, Brian Hart <brianhart at ou.edu> wrote:
>We got two new systems that we installed the latest version of proxmox
>Did an apt-get update and dist-upgrade to make sure they were on the
>recent versions.  We then created a cluster and got them talking and
>that went fine.
>The problem came when we added OVS to one of the nodes and set it all
>up in
>the GUI.  Once we did a reboot we have not been able to get the cluster
>communications to work since then.  We have tried to revert it back
>completely - removing open vswitch packages and all and doing a stock
>config in the /etc/network/interfaces file but we cannot get multicast
>work now between the two nodes.  Nothing else changed.
>Has anybody else run across this or are there known issues with doing
>and clustering?  I've done a lot of google searching but have not found
>clear answer or solution to a problem like this.
>Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
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