[PVE-User] Network performance problem with Windows 2012 guest

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Wed Jan 14 13:47:37 CET 2015


On 14/01/15 12:44, Dmitry Petuhov wrote:
> 14.01.2015 14:26, Eneko Lacunza пишет:
>> I've noticed that its tap interface is reporting about 10Mbps on 
>> atop, and >85% usage on the interface (I'm stunned about this)
> That's normal. In linux's tun/tap driver displayed speed is hardcoded. 
> It's not affects real speed (atop can show thousands percents load).

Thanks for this hint.
>> I've seem very slow network on that VM. Is that normal? Maybe 
>> changing to Intel e1000 could improve the situation?
> You could try :) It's mostly depends on what diver you have now :) 
> e1000 is faster than RTL8139 and VirtIO is faster than e1000. But for 
> some Windows versions you may need Redhat's signed virtio drivers, 
> which comes with RHEL.
I'll update the driver to latest .81 a will report back.


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