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Thu Feb 5 13:39:28 CET 2015

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Le 05/02/2015 12:22, Eneko Lacunza a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 05/02/15 12:04, Philippe Schwarz wrote:
>>> Hi Philippe,
>>> You email is quite dense, so I'll try to help with what I have 
>>> understood.
>>> I don't know the Dell/HP disk enclosures in regard to their
>>> ability for HA, but I think you're spending a lot to get a
>>> Proxmox HA cluster, but if the storage fails (FreeNAS node),
>>> then that effort won't help.
>>> Have you considered some HA storage like RBD/Ceph?
>>> Also, my experience with Dell (PERC H200, H310, H710) is that 
>>> non-certified disks work, but OMSA won't be happy. It works
>>> like a charm.
>>> Regarding the proxy server, maybe more RAM for that VM could
>>> help with the high IO...
>>> Cheers
>> SPOF :
>> I'm aware that the Single Point Of Failure of the shared storage
>> might be an issue. But, i' can't afford to spend more money into
>> a second storage server.
>> About drbd,ceph. I'm used to zfs, not to ceph. I wouldn't put my
>> main storage system under an probably-good-but-unknown-to-me FS.
>> And, isn't drbd limited to 2 nodes ? I found links to use it with
>> 3 nodes, but it sounded very complex, using drbd over drbd over
>> FS...
>> I may use drbd to replicate FS over 2 nodes inside a 3-nodes
>> Proxmox cluster...
> I was referring to RBD = rados block device, this is the Ceph
> system for block devices. I wouldn't do 3-way DRBD either.
Oh, oh. Sorry; thought of a typo.

> I understand your concerns about Ceph; it is quite easy to setup
> because you can do it from withing Proxmox, but if performance is
> important you have to do very careful planning.
Indeed, my setup has to be ...let's say powerful enough.
> Just for information, you would define a RBD storage in Proxmox,
> that would use RBD block devices stored in Ceph Storage.
> Underlying filesystem would be XFS in Proxmox Ceph Server
> implementation, but can also be BTRFS. You can access data/block
> devices directly on the underlying filesystem though.
Seems interesting. Ifi've got enough time.
Thanks for the clue.
>> According to the vendors, the DAS disk bay is quite
>> indestructible... I'm too old in IT to trust this guy ;-)
> Hehe you do well ;)
>> Disks:
>> Thanks for non-certified disks, i'll be more confident about
>> that. entreprise grade SSD from dell or HP are so expensive;
>> nearly 8 times the price per GB.. May be better , but i can't
>> afford it!
> Yes, it's stealing in my dictionary. The problem usually here in
> Spain is to get access to hot-swap caddies for the non-Dell disks,
> there's no way to buy them on official channels so one has to relay
> on ebay :)
Same pb here, in France.
> Also, I found the H310 unstable on Proxmox kernels, the only way to
> use it was to re-flash it's firmware with LSI IT firmware (no more
> RAID), so I suggest you avoid it (I suppose you're going the NV
> cache route so there won't be any problem).
I chose to the H710 instead, which is not a bottom level card.
> I would love to hear back from you regarding the use of RAID1 SD
> option for Proxmox installation... :)

OK, i'm gonna give informations on my long road to my target IT..

Best regards.
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