[PVE-User] Best configuration among these

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Thu Feb 5 15:28:14 CET 2015


On 05/02/15 13:39, Philippe Schwarz wrote:
>> Just for information, you would define a RBD storage in Proxmox,
>> that would use RBD block devices stored in Ceph Storage.
>> Underlying filesystem would be XFS in Proxmox Ceph Server
>> implementation, but can also be BTRFS. You can access data/block
>> devices directly on the underlying filesystem though.
> Seems interesting. Ifi've got enough time.
> Thanks for the clue.
Sorry here, I mistyped an important sentence: You CAN'T access 
data/block devices directly on the underlying fs; they're only 
meaningful for Ceph..
>> Also, I found the H310 unstable on Proxmox kernels, the only way to
>> use it was to re-flash it's firmware with LSI IT firmware (no more
>> RAID), so I suggest you avoid it (I suppose you're going the NV
>> cache route so there won't be any problem).
> I chose to the H710 instead, which is not a bottom level card.
My experience with it has been quite good.


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