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Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Thu Feb 5 12:22:13 CET 2015


On 05/02/15 12:04, Philippe Schwarz wrote:
>> Hi Philippe,
>> You email is quite dense, so I'll try to help with what I have
>> understood.
>> I don't know the Dell/HP disk enclosures in regard to their ability
>> for HA, but I think you're spending a lot to get a Proxmox HA
>> cluster, but if the storage fails (FreeNAS node), then that effort
>> won't help.
>> Have you considered some HA storage like RBD/Ceph?
>> Also, my experience with Dell (PERC H200, H310, H710) is that
>> non-certified disks work, but OMSA won't be happy. It works like a
>> charm.
>> Regarding the proxy server, maybe more RAM for that VM could help
>> with the high IO...
>> Cheers
> SPOF :
> I'm aware that the Single Point Of Failure of the shared storage might
> be an issue.
> But, i' can't afford to spend more money into a second storage server.
> About drbd,ceph.
> I'm used to zfs, not to ceph. I wouldn't put my main storage system
> under an probably-good-but-unknown-to-me FS.
> And, isn't drbd limited to 2 nodes ? I found links to use it with 3
> nodes, but it sounded very complex, using drbd over drbd over FS...
> I may use drbd to replicate FS over 2 nodes inside a 3-nodes Proxmox
> cluster...
I was referring to RBD = rados block device, this is the Ceph system for 
block devices. I wouldn't do 3-way DRBD either.
I understand your concerns about Ceph; it is quite easy to setup because 
you can do it from withing Proxmox, but if performance is important you 
have to do very careful planning.
Just for information, you would define a RBD storage in Proxmox, that 
would use RBD block devices stored in Ceph Storage. Underlying 
filesystem would be XFS in Proxmox Ceph Server implementation, but can 
also be BTRFS. You can access data/block devices directly on the 
underlying filesystem though.
> According to the vendors, the DAS disk bay is quite indestructible...
> I'm too old in IT to trust this guy ;-)
Hehe you do well ;)
> Disks:
> Thanks for non-certified disks, i'll be more confident about that.
> entreprise grade SSD from dell or HP are so expensive; nearly 8 times
> the price per GB..
> May be better , but i can't afford it!
Yes, it's stealing in my dictionary. The problem usually here in Spain 
is to get access to hot-swap caddies for the non-Dell disks, there's no 
way to buy them on official channels so one has to relay on ebay :)
Also, I found the H310 unstable on Proxmox kernels, the only way to use 
it was to re-flash it's firmware with LSI IT firmware (no more RAID), so 
I suggest you avoid it (I suppose you're going the NV cache route so 
there won't be any problem).

I would love to hear back from you regarding the use of RAID1 SD option 
for Proxmox installation... :)


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