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Philippe Schwarz phil at schwarz-fr.net
Thu Feb 5 12:04:02 CET 2015

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Le 05/02/2015 10:59, Eneko Lacunza a écrit :
> Hi Philippe,
> You email is quite dense, so I'll try to help with what I have
> understood.
> I don't know the Dell/HP disk enclosures in regard to their ability
> for HA, but I think you're spending a lot to get a Proxmox HA
> cluster, but if the storage fails (FreeNAS node), then that effort
> won't help.
> Have you considered some HA storage like RBD/Ceph?
> Also, my experience with Dell (PERC H200, H310, H710) is that 
> non-certified disks work, but OMSA won't be happy. It works like a
> charm.
> Regarding the proxy server, maybe more RAM for that VM could help
> with the high IO...
> Cheers

Hi Eneko,
thanks for your answer.


I'm aware that the Single Point Of Failure of the shared storage might
be an issue.
But, i' can't afford to spend more money into a second storage server.

About drbd,ceph.
I'm used to zfs, not to ceph. I wouldn't put my main storage system
under an probably-good-but-unknown-to-me FS.

And, isn't drbd limited to 2 nodes ? I found links to use it with 3
nodes, but it sounded very complex, using drbd over drbd over FS...

I may use drbd to replicate FS over 2 nodes inside a 3-nodes Proxmox

According to the vendors, the DAS disk bay is quite indestructible...
I'm too old in IT to trust this guy ;-)


Thanks for non-certified disks, i'll be more confident about that.
entreprise grade SSD from dell or HP are so expensive; nearly 8 times
the price per GB..
May be better , but i can't afford it!

Best regrds
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