[PVE-User] Uncompressed backups are compressed?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Thu Nov 13 19:23:50 CET 2014

> I see from the forum link [1] that the file is not rdiff friendly. I still think that
> storing an amount of data inside a smaller file is ‘compression’, regardless of
> how much is actually used inside the RAW file (is RLE compression still a thing?),
> but that does answer my question. It’s a shame, because I’ll now have to extract
> backups as they’re created somehow in order to get them into a state where
> they can be de-duplicated again. I think many people would appreciate a file
> format inside which the data is aligned, even if it is out-of-order to a degree. I
> won’t be the first person who has virtual machines which don’t change much.

I also implemented a backup mode inside qemu which stores files in raw format
inside one directory.

But that is currently not integrated with vzdump.

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