Terrance Robotham nitemv at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 07:23:21 CET 2014

Having a issue with Console on all KVM/QEMU instances giving me:

Network error: remote side closed connection

I can see it attempting to to start the session/VNC port in the host but it
seems as soon as it starts it crashes right away so after further
investigating I noticed that "qm" command isn't responsive "qm list" "qm
help" or even "qm" alone return absolutely nothing which tells me something
is seriously wrong with qm which in turn is probably causing issues with
the console/vnc does anyone have any ideas to help me debug this? I am
trying to get console working again for my KVM users the kvm instances
start but no consoles work. Additionally, I can start/stop them via the GUI
but as I said, "qm start id" does absolutely nothing.
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