Alain Péan alain.pean at lpn.cnrs.fr
Wed Mar 19 07:49:37 CET 2014

Hi Terrance,

Le 19/03/2014 07:23, Terrance Robotham a écrit :
> Having a issue with Console on all KVM/QEMU instances giving me:
> Network error: remote side closed connection
> I can see it attempting to to start the session/VNC port in the host 
> but it seems as soon as it starts it crashes right away so after 
> further investigating I noticed that "qm" command isn't responsive "qm 
> list" "qm help" or even "qm" alone return absolutely nothing which 
> tells me something is seriously wrong with qm which in turn is 
> probably causing issues with the console/vnc does anyone have any 
> ideas to help me debug this? I am trying to get console working again 
> for my KVM users the kvm instances start but no consoles work. 
> Additionally, I can start/stop them via the GUI but as I said, "qm 
> start id" does absolutely nothing.

Try first dmesg to see if something wrong is displayed. Then look at 
syslog (/var/log/syslog).

Do you have several nodes in a cluster ? Then display the status of the 
cluster by :
# pvecm status
# pvecm nodes

Which version of Proxmox are you running ? Can you post the output of :
# pveversion -v


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