[PVE-User] Named Backups

Jordi Cerdan jcerdan at tecob.com
Mon Mar 17 21:45:55 CET 2014

El 17/03/14 21:11, sebastian at debianfan.de escribió:
> Hello,
> would it be possible to "name the backups".
> You have for example backups more then one times a day - for example 
> for testing systems.
> Before you change the config of the virtual system, you make an backup.
> But how would you know what was the backup before the last change?
> It would be better for the user if he can name the backup for example 
> "change before installing apache security" or "change bevor compiling 
> kernel".
> Only to identify the backup contents.
> Tnx
> Sebastian
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Hi Sebastian,

you can use the -stdout option in vzdump and redirect output to a file.


Jordi Cerdan

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