[PVE-User] recommendations for a single node setup

Frederic Van Espen frederic.ve at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 17:05:38 CET 2014


We are going to implement a single node setup, with storage on the
local disks. All we want to achieve is a simple machine where we can
add  CT's or VM's when we need them.

The hardware is a single HP DL360 G8 machine with SAS disks and a
hardware RAID controller.

Our requirements:
- easily create snapshots
- easily create backups (perhaps on another external storage)
- in case of hardware failure ability to restore on a newly installed node

I'd like the list's recommendations and experiences for what to use
for the local filesystem. Should we put the disk images in an LVM
group? Maybe better to just put them on an ext4 filesystem with qcow
images? What about all the fuss around ZFS? Keep in mind we'd like to
use both CT's and VM's.

Thanks for your input!



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