[PVE-User] recommendations for a single node setup

Pongrácz István pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 07:57:22 CET 2014


I am biased, I use zfsonlinux, I can recommend to try it.
First you have to check your system with some test before you drop it into production.

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Dátum: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 17:05:38 +0100
> Hi,
> We are going to implement a single node setup, with storage on the
> local disks. All we want to achieve is a simple machine where we can
> add CT's or VM's when we need them.
> The hardware is a single HP DL360 G8 machine with SAS disks and a
> hardware RAID controller.
> Our requirements:
> - easily create snapshots
> - easily create backups (perhaps on another external storage)
> - in case of hardware failure ability to restore on a newly installed node
> I'd like the list's recommendations and experiences for what to use
> for the local filesystem. Should we put the disk images in an LVM
> group? Maybe better to just put them on an ext4 filesystem with qcow
> images? What about all the fuss around ZFS? Keep in mind we'd like to
> use both CT's and VM's.
> Thanks for your input!
> Cheers,
> Frederic
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