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David Tremblay david at ngowiki.net
Tue Nov 19 19:24:21 CET 2013

Maybe it could work with high quality USBs/SD card.

a good strategy with LVM is not to put the system itself on it- since you
might have problem to recover it if you loose a physical volume -  but use
LVM for data

For anything in the long run reliability, there's no such thing as a good
hard drive (SSDs if you have ressources for the enterprise one) + raid 1
(or 6 or 1+0) + lvm + live backup + cold backup

2013/11/19 Paul Gray <gray at cs.uni.edu>

> On 11/19/2013 10:37 AM, Matthew W. Ross wrote:
> > What kind of problems?
> I don't think the marriage between USB and LVM was meant to be, and one
> of the systems went unresponsive twice.
> It could have just been the USB bus on these particular units.  After
> all, the reason why I tried doing a USB-root on these units was because
> the integrated RAID controller on these units was a piece of crap.
> While the USB venture was a good proof of concept, the larger issue was
> solved by rolling my own Proxmox installer image that supported software
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