[PVE-User] error in nfs mount

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Thu Feb 14 16:55:39 CET 2013

Today my system starts to be unresponsive ... and then all VMs gone to
"unknown state" .

After some digging, all nfs mounts shows any content, but no errors in log

Then, I rebooted one node to find out if things came to live again ...

Second problem, the system do not reboot !!

After send the command via web interface, the system returns msg of
stopping all VMs and containers, and stay there like forever !!!

After 20 minutes waiting, I decide to try a reboot via ssh, again, receives
msg like the system is shutdown, stays like that forever agian !

After another 20 minutes, I try to connect viaq ssh, connection works and
the "uptime" command returns 14 days uptime !!!

Then I presses reset button, after systems comes on line, the storage do
not connects, with this msg in log :

WARNING: mount error: mount.nfs: Unknown error 32768

Google returns nothing referring to this error ...

I am lost here ... don't know where to go ...

Any Ideas ?!?!?

Fábio Rabelo
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