[PVE-User] R: add wifi network interface in proxmox

Marco Vaschetto m.vaschetto at snservice.net
Mon Mar 5 10:14:01 CET 2012

Hi Lara,


why you try to change the name of wlan interface? I don’ t think you need to
do that.


If from proxmox web gui you don’ t see the wlan interface go to file
“/etc/network/interfaces” and edit it manualy.


For example should be like this:


Iface eth0 inet manual

auto wlan0

Iface wlan0 inet manual

                Wpa-ssid your-ssid-here

                Wpa-psk your-password.here


Iface vmbr0 inet static

                address you.address.here

                netmask your.subnet.mask.here

                gateway your.gateway.here

                bridge_ports wlan0

                bridge_stp off

                bridge_fd 0


Iface vmbr1 inet static

                address your.address.here

                netmask your.subnet.mask.here

                bridge_ports eth0

                bridge_stp off

                bridge_fd 0


Caution: I never try to configure a wlan interface whit a bridge, you can
try this configuration but I didn’ t know if i twill work.


You can get more information here:


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Hi for all!

first I want introduce me.

I install Proxmox last week and I am a beginnerDescrizione: Immagine rimossa
dal mittente.

On my server I have installed a PCI ethernet, which Proxmox has detected
Then I added a usb wifi card, I installed the drivers necessary for it to
I got up wlan0 interface and scan wireless networks, but can not see the
wifi card in my environment and do not know how to add it.


I have changed wlan0 to eth1 in the file
"/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules"  but when I restart the computer
to apply the changes are not applied, and I get thewireless interfaces as

other question is,how I can configure my wifi card to get internet and my
ethernet card for my LAN?

a greeting

thank you very much

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