[PVE-User] Spam:********, Re: QOS on Proxmox bridge

Lars Wilke l.wilke at it-betrieb.de
Tue Mar 15 17:03:45 CET 2011

* Tony Zakula wrote:
> That is pretty cool.  I haven't looked at shorewall in years.  Have
> you done any QOS limiting to make sure each VM is getting equal
> bandwidth?

Nope, was not necessary yet. But i do use the burst limits.
So in a sense i enforce an upper limit of packets per second.

On one customer site i implemented QoS but on an extra gateway running
pfSense. At the moment i am more interested in limiting and guaranteeing
IO Bandwidth and CPU time via CGroups. I still have problems doing backups
on an Intel Modular Server. What would also be interesting is playing
with Open vSwitch :)


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