[PVE-User] Spam:********, Re: QOS on Proxmox bridge

Tony Zakula tony at zakula.com
Tue Mar 15 16:47:19 CET 2011

That is pretty cool.  I haven't looked at shorewall in years.  Have
you done any QOS limiting to make sure each VM is getting equal

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 3:22 AM, Lars Wilke <l.wilke at it-betrieb.de> wrote:
> * Robert Fantini wrote:
>>      I do this here with shorewall. So far no problems with the networking.
>>    do you use shorewall on the host , or in a kvm / open-vz ? ��
> On the host. But i also use it in some KVM VMs. Never used it in OpenVZ
> though. IIRC you have to grant the container some extra rights to mess
> with the Netfilter Subsystem ... did not need and want this.
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