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> > Hello,
> > I have pointed out my first impressions about 1.4-4035, also noticed
> > some regression comparing to 1.3:
> The installer from 1.4 has no changes, so it´s the same on 1.3.
> > -instalator: unable to set IP address
> > -instalator: unable to set local email only
> > -instalator: unable to set local hostname (must be FQDN)
> All this is working for all others. (FQDN: this is a feature!)
1.my mistake - it works. Do not know why i have written this...
2.try to set email: root at localhost during installation. Installator will
tell you this is not valid email. I had to set
root at localhost.localdomain, this was only way for me to make it working.
3.If you say all is working, than can you give me a hint how to set
hostname, not FQDN?

> > -instalator: unable to set udev names for eth ( i have installed PVE
> 4
> > times, each time eth0 was on different NIC, i would like to be able
> to
> > set which NIC should be eth0 at installation time)
> > -instalator: unable to manually set partitions layout.
> Yes, that's a feature and not a bug.
Look at a top of my message - "impressions" not bugs.

> > -instalator: unable to choose RAID level (i have 2 HDDs each 75GB,
> in
> > cfdisk i see that PVE made 150 GB LVM using both disks. I need
> > _MIRROR_)
> Raid level has to be specified in the raid bios, never in a installer.
> (we do not support software raid due to many reasons)
Yes, 5 minutes after sending my email i have noticed my mistake and
pointed this out in other post in this thread.

> > -PVE: unable to set primary interface to use for clustering (i have
> > dedicated NIC for heartbeats/clustering, another dedicated for DRBD
> > synchronisation, and 2 others for bridging VM)
> Default is working, if you need other setting you need to set this
> after installation.
Fine by me. Just wanted to know if it is possible during installation.

> > -PVE: while creating new storage, unable to set capacity for VG
> > -PVE: while deleting test storage VG, "Error: command
> '/sbin/vgchange
> > -aln pve' failed with exit code 5"
> > -PVE: same as above during disabling of storage.
> > -...enough of testing for today.
> I assume you should retest again, most of your reported issues are
> either not here or they are feature requests. And you need to describe
> the steps to reproduce the issue.
If this was bugtrack, not ML, all this mail would look tooootally
different. Probably you would provide info how to start PVE in debugging
mode and what data do you need. But fine, here is what you might need:

Server: IBM x3250M2 (CPU without VT)
-Fresh install of proxmox.
-not clustered yet

Client: Ubuntu 9.04, Firefox 3.0.14

Steps to reproduce:
    (one storage is present, type:Directory, capacity=92.25GB. HDD
capacity is 135GB. Thus i have some space to make new storage)
  -Add LVM group
  -Fill Storage name: test_vg
  -Base Storage: Existing volume groups (no other option)
  -Volume Group Name: pve (135 GB) (no other option !!! )
  -enable: true
  -Shared: true
  -Content: Virtual Disks (no other option)
  -test_vg created but all space is used:
test_vg LVM Yes Yes Yes 131.47 135.47 97.05%

Now i want to disable/delete test_vg, i get :
"Error: command '/sbin/vgchange -aln pve' failed with exit code 5"

> If you need to go for custom system, check this:
> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Lenny
Thank you for pointing this out.

> We got a bug tracker but till now we decided not to open it for
> public. If you filled all this in our bug tracker we will have to deal
> with a lot none bugs doubling the efforts here. So up to now we will
> keep the tracker closed and pick up the issue in the mailing list and
> forums, best efficiency for the project in the moment. As soon as all
> major milestones are reached, we think of opening the bug tracker
> more.
Looking forward to this. Keep in mind that you can always make an
account for user, and if you do not like the way he/she fills bug
reports, you can disable this account.

> Looking forward hearing a more successful installation story next
> time :-)
I'll keep testing

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