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> Hello,
> I have pointed out my first impressions about 1.4-4035, also noticed
> some regression comparing to 1.3:

The installer from 1.4 has no changes, so it´s the same on 1.3.

> -instalator: unable to set IP address
> -instalator: unable to set local email only
> -instalator: unable to set local hostname (must be FQDN)

All this is working for all others. (FQDN: this is a feature!)

> -instalator: unable to set udev names for eth ( i have installed PVE 4
> times, each time eth0 was on different NIC, i would like to be able to
> set which NIC should be eth0 at installation time)
> -instalator: unable to manually set partitions layout.

Yes, that's a feature and not a bug.

> -instalator: unable to choose RAID level (i have 2 HDDs each 75GB, in
> cfdisk i see that PVE made 150 GB LVM using both disks. I need

Raid level has to be specified in the raid bios, never in a installer. (we do not support software raid due to many reasons)

> -PVE: unable to set primary interface to use for clustering (i have
> dedicated NIC for heartbeats/clustering, another dedicated for DRBD
> synchronisation, and 2 others for bridging VM)

Default is working, if you need other setting you need to set this after installation.

> -PVE: while creating new storage, unable to set capacity for VG
> -PVE: while deleting test storage VG, "Error: command '/sbin/vgchange
> -aln pve' failed with exit code 5"
> -PVE: same as above during disabling of storage.
> -...enough of testing for today.

I assume you should retest again, most of your reported issues are either not here or they are feature requests. And you need to describe the steps to reproduce the issue.

> As a summary i have to say that what needs most attention, is an
> installer (maybe it is worth to use standard Debian installer and add
> own scripts at end?). It is not elastic. Looks like for now i need to
> install Debian and after that install PVE on it :(.

The idea of a fully automated installation is to NOT give all options and use reasonable defaults. This is one of the main features of Proxmox VE and the reason why it is successful - easiest installation.

If you need to go for custom system, check this: http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Lenny

> 	But do not give up! I have tested:
> 1.Abiquo - 6 days out of life during installation - barely working,
> maybe intuitive for windows user, but not logical for me (unix user).
> Installing this reminded building house of playing cards.
> 2.Eucalyptus - non-Debian, which is huge flaw ;) - this also didn't
> work
> out of the box, although they claim that. Wasted 4 days, but didn't
> finished testing - my manager rushes me to build production
> environment.

A standard Proxmox VE system runs in 5 minutes starting from bare-metal, so looks you did really something different.?

> I will test it some day.
> 	Summarising - although it has some flaws, for now (2009-09-15)
> PVE is
> best solution for me.
> P.S. You should really start using some bug tracking system, i hate
> filling bugs on ML. It is really hard to track state of bugs on ML.

We got a bug tracker but till now we decided not to open it for public. If you filled all this in our bug tracker we will have to deal with a lot none bugs doubling the efforts here. So up to now we will keep the tracker closed and pick up the issue in the mailing list and forums, best efficiency for the project in the moment. As soon as all major milestones are reached, we think of opening the bug tracker more.

Looking forward hearing a more successful installation story next time :-)

Br, martin
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