[PVE-User] Kernel packages: bug and questions

rupi rupi at rantanplan.org
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to illustrate my problem: I work in a ngo where virtually no budget for
any hardware exists but i have to fullfill the needs for a medium sized
company - 1k users, 80 locations.
Virtualization is the only chance to do this without violating the most
basic security constraints - bugs like the recent one in vmware video
drivers suggest its still a bad idea to run virtual machines with
different security levels on one host/cluster but more hardware is not
an option i'm free to choose. So far i used Xen to do this, but i want
to migrate to kvm so i'm able to virtualize the few m$ servers i can't
get rid of.

So i'm stuck with 'the cheapest stuff that probably will do the job',
and all hardware vendors change the chipsets in their cheapest product
lines during their livetime. I have all kind of cheap stuff running with
all sorts of controllers and no opportunity to test all this different
hardware - and consequently ran into the problem of having no Xen kernel
that runs on a specific machine on several occations.

So i do want to have the possibility to run on custom kernels, since
experience tells me i'll need it.

Your offer to help with storage trouble is very generous, but i'm afraid
that my problems won't be any your paying costumers are likeley to run
into :). Most likeley i'll stick to my own management scripts for kvm on
all single hosts and use proxmox on my 2 node clusters, but i'd prefer
to have only one management solution in production - and a solution with
a large userbase and developers behind it.


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