[PVE-User] Kernel packages: bug and questions

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Mon Nov 30 14:19:31 CET 2009


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> Hi,
> since i do understand how much work maintaining and testing of custom
> kernel images is i completely understand that you don't want to
> maintain more than one, but note that i didn't asked for that. All i
> asked was:
>  * Is it possible to adjust your packages that eases the usage of other
>    kernel images in case i need that. I ran in enough trouble with eg.
> weird
>    storage controllers the past 10 years on various servers. This
>    triggered the request. Since its possible but a little complicated
>    right now i'm perfectly ok if you say no.
>  * Are there necessary patches in your images beside drbd and openvz?
>    This knowledge would spare a lot of trouble for anyone who want to
>    run pve with different kernels and i thought you'd be able to answer
>    that from the top of your mind.

You still not get it. We do not do the whole patching just for fun we really need these packages and if you remove anything it will have a lot of side effects. It's not that simple as it looks like.
If you have troubles with storage controllers let's talk about this, please provide more info on these issues.

Br, martin

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