[PVE-User] Kernel packages: bug and questions

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> Hallo,
> i'm currently in the process of testing pve and discovered a small
> problem with the pve kernel packages:
> My environment consists of Debian Lenny machines using the pve
> repository. On inital instalation and on the recent upgrade the initrd
> provided by the package failed to mount the root filesystem correctly
> (its on a lvm). Recreation of the initrd using `update-initrd` fixes
> this problem - however since you need to reboot in an other kernel and
> single user mode to do so if you forget to do so in advance its somehow
> annoying.
> Now the noob questions: i read the thread in the forum about kernel
> packages an can understand your reluctance to maintain more than one
> image. But openvz support isn't needed to run pve for a kvm only
> environment - it works perfectly if you simply disable the vz init
> script. Since drbd is going mainline there shouldn't be any need for
> your images or did you add some other patches to the pve kernel
> packages i need - or want?
> Is it possible to adjust the packages to enable installation of the pve
> environment without openvz enabled kernels? This would ease the
> creation of preseed files for a node installation.
> Thanks,
> rupi

I understand our question but we focus on other thing currently (etc. HA). Maybe you do not see the whole complexity and efforts for running a distribution.

Just a few words about the needed resources for a second version (KVM only):

Compiling a new kernel and making an ISO is quite easy and fast, but this is only 1 % of the whole job.

Doing support and maintenance, back porting of drivers is an ongoing workload.
Just think of the test lab: two versions means just doubling the costs of the testing cycles.

So a small calculation:
Second test lab with several servers and storages and networks
Man power:
- additional testing engineer, support and development

And finally, hopefully next year it will be possible to have a lot of missing features in the default Proxmox VE installation so doing a split now is creating an edition with quite limited lifetime.  

Br, Martin

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