[PVE-User] Will Proxmox-ve adopt next Debian release : Squeeze

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> Dear all,
> I read the previous mails on the list, and understand the reluctance of
> Poxmox-ve to support two branches, one with only KVM and another with
> openvz/KVM but older kernel. I know that it implies more developpers,
> more servers to test and so on...
> But I have questions.
> - Debian has adopted a new, time based, release schedule. Each odd
> years
> in December, a version will be freezed, and the new version released in
> the spring of even years. So the next Debian release, Squeeze, will be
> freezed on December 2009, and released next spring, 2010. It should be
> based on Kernel 2.6.32.
> http://www.debian.org/News/2009/20090729
> Will Proxmox-ve adopt this release and kernel ?

Proxmox VE is based on Debian Stable and some custom adoptions, mainly our own Kernel with a lot of backports and patches optimized for the usage scenario. 

As soon as Squeeze is stable we will move to Squeeze - based on  my knowledge this will happen mid of 2010 (the earliest, but a schedule is never fixed in the Debian world).

> Concerning openvz, I read that the main developpers are working on the
> kernel versions released by Red Hat Linux Entreprise. So it is now
> 2.6.18 (RHEL 5.4 backported KVM in this kernel).
> But I read that the new 6.0 version will only come in third quarter of
> 2011 !
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux

I assume Redhat does still not know when the can release 6.0 - but this does influence Proxmox VE.

> I don't know if really Red Hat will wait until this time, but people
> think it takes 20 months after the freeze...
> So, would we have to wait until the end of 2011 to have a newer kernel
> in Proxmox-ve, which would be older that the current one in Debian ?

No. As soon as there are news on containers we will move to a newer kernel. I assume this will happen in 2010.

Br, Martin

> Thanks to share your thoughts.
> Alain
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