[PVE-User] Install issue on two boxes

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sat May 31 09:35:00 CEST 2008

> I found a problem with the installation:
> after the installation progress bar reaches the 100%, the 
> Next (Finish or similar, I do not remember the label of the 
> button on the bottom-right corner) button still inactivated 
> and the system does not response to the keyboard 
> (SHIFT+CTRL+F1). After I reset the system, it boots up correctly.
> One time I expected that, the installation stopped around 
> 15-25% and nothing happened (on the same machine).

Maybe a problem with your installation CD - or a hardware issue.

> I tried the installation procedure several times, the 
> inactive button always happened.

Type "debug" ath the boot prompt. That way the installation stops 
at several stages providing a debugging shell - just type CTRL-D to 
continue installation.

Maybe you can get more info about the failure that way.

> I hope this helps you. Somehow :)
> Anyway, I know, Gigabyte not really good (I realized it some 
> days after I bought them, but I needed them urgently and 
> there was no Asus at that time).
> So, changing the mobo is a trivial way, but I will not change them
> (yet) :

Usinig reliable HW is essential, especially if you virtualize and run
more than one VM on a HW node.

- Dietmar

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