[PVE-User] PVE on 32bit?

ijez ijez76 at gmail.com
Mon May 12 08:02:06 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply,

>> I just successfully migrate all of my 4 server out of 10 which
>> contain about 2-5 quest per server. Thank you for the well done
>> product. 
>> It's there any plan to support 32bit server? I still could not move
>> the other 6 because it all 32bit and mostly doing web applications
>> on the OpenVZ container.
> [Martin Maurer]
> Proxmox VE is based on 64 bit Debian. Therefore you can run 64 bit AND
> 32 bit guests on the same host (OpenVZ and KVM).

Ok, sorry, maybe i not rephase my word correctly, 

Is there any plan for Proxmox VE based on 32 bit Debian? 

Currently, on the others 6 server that i couldn't migrate to VPE server is because it was 32bit. I'm running CentOS 5 32bit with OpenVZ container on it with about 3-5 CentOS 4 32bit container running LAMP on it.

If there are Proxmox VE based on 32 bit Debian, i could replace the HN ( currently 32 bit CentOS 5 ) with PVE ( Webbase Virtualizations Management is too cool to resist :) ).

>> One more request if possible, it's there any plan to support OpenVZ
>> container configuration with PVE web? this is really usefully when
>> you need to fine tune the allocations of resource for the container
>> instead of fiddling with config file in CLI.
> [Martin Maurer]
> Yes, this is a basic features.
> If you moved an existing OpenVZ container to Proxmox VE, please see
> this:
> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE
> you need to add this line in your config file (on the console):
> ORIGIN_SAMPLE="pve.auto"

Hmm, maybe i still don't really understand what is running under the hood when i setting the ORIGIN_SAMPLE="pve.auto". Can you explain what it really did to the containner when i'm setting this?

> After you did this, everything is working on the web interface.
> Which resource allocation setting do you miss on the web interface?

I wish it all automatically set but if i'm wrong, i would like to have the ability to manually tune the setting like :

Memory / Swap Management :

CPU Core and QoS management :

( maybe with number of failcount like in UBC? ).

Most of the time, all these setting is always bug me and need me to pay special attention to it ( Read : Zimbra Server on OpenVZ containner :)).

> Br, martin

Thanks in advances,


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