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TQ for your reply, i'll try to follow your guide, but it's really sad that software RAID is not support. I have using it in all of my CentOS installations without any problem. My hardware didn't come with hardware RAID.

Anyway thanks you for your support.

Thanks and Regards,

Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> So now, to workaround my problem, I would like to ask how
>> could I add another 5 HDD ( if possible, setup RAID 1 ) into
>> the fresh PVE installations ( I can see debian is detecting
>> all the HDD on boot)? I would like to used it as a space for
>> my openvz container.
> Software RAID is not supported, but you can add the HDs without RAID.
> Doku about LVM2 is available at:
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/index.html
> To Add disk '/dev/XYZ' to volume group 'pve' do:
> # first, create 1 large primary partition on the new disk
>> fdisk /dev/XYZ
> # then make it available to LVM
>> pvcreate /dev/XYZ1
>> vgextend  pve /dev/XYZ1
> Then you can resize the logical volume '/dev/pve/data' with lvresize.
> # add 20GB
>> lvresize -L+20G /dev/pve/data
> Now you need to resize the filesystem (stop all VMs first)
>> umount /var/lib/vz
>> e2fsck -f /dev/pve/data          # check & repair
>> resize2fs -p /dev/pve/data       # resize
>> mount /var/lib/vz
> But i really recommend using hardware raid instead.
> - Dietmar
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