[PVE-User] Installations Feedback

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Thu May 8 12:17:50 CEST 2008

> So now, to workaround my problem, I would like to ask how 
> could I add another 5 HDD ( if possible, setup RAID 1 ) into 
> the fresh PVE installations ( I can see debian is detecting 
> all the HDD on boot)? I would like to used it as a space for 
> my openvz container.

Software RAID is not supported, but you can add the HDs without RAID.

Doku about LVM2 is available at:

To Add disk '/dev/XYZ' to volume group 'pve' do:

# first, create 1 large primary partition on the new disk
> fdisk /dev/XYZ

# then make it available to LVM
> pvcreate /dev/XYZ1
> vgextend  pve /dev/XYZ1

Then you can resize the logical volume '/dev/pve/data' with lvresize.

# add 20GB
> lvresize -L+20G /dev/pve/data

Now you need to resize the filesystem (stop all VMs first)
> umount /var/lib/vz
> e2fsck -f /dev/pve/data          # check & repair
> resize2fs -p /dev/pve/data       # resize
> mount /var/lib/vz 

But i really recommend using hardware raid instead.

- Dietmar

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