[pve-devel] [PATCH futter_frontend 1/2] fix android splash screen logo

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Dec 21 10:36:46 CET 2021

On 21/12/2021 10:27, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
> On 12/20/21 20:37, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
>> On 20/12/2021 16:38, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
>>> The new splash screen that came with Android 12 has stricter rules
>>> regarding the size and form of the logo in the splash screen [0].
>> oh, do you have an actual reference to the strict rules you found, as [0]
>> As I read [0] quite closely and basically all mentions regarding the
>> drawable are IMO the opposite of strict, e.g.:
>>> The app icon (1) should be a vector drawable, and it can be static or animated.
>> And all other references are similarly vague and imply multiple times that
>> any drawable should work.
> I think the following line below figure 2 is the important one:
>     "As with adaptive icons, one-third of the foreground is masked (3)."
> Hinting at the #3 in the figure, which is the area outside the circle. Taking a closer look at the current splash screen, one will see that the drawable is masked in a circular shape. Depending on how it is scaling, the circular mask will be easier or harder to spot.

ack, thanks for clarifying this to me.

>>> We do need to have a drawable that is a square with the logo / icon in
>>> the center. That means the current approach with the png image resulted
>>> in it being scaled to the full width and the circular mask cut if off.
>> hmm, the bitmap used sets `android:gravity` to `center` though, which is
>> documented as:
>>> Place the object in the center of its container in both the vertical and
>>> horizontal axis, not changing its size.
>> -- https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/drawable-resource#XmlBitmap
> That probably explains why it did look quite different on your phone than on mine regarding how large and cutoff it appeared, depending on how they are set up regarding the px to dp (device independent pixel) conversion.

yeah, could make sense, anyhow if the vector graphic works everywhere I'm glad to 
switch over to that one.

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