[pve-devel] [PATCH v3 storage 0/2] RBD/Cephfs: new keyring parameter

Aaron Lauterer a.lauterer at proxmox.com
Thu Aug 26 12:03:30 CEST 2021

This new parameter allows to set the RBD keyring or CephFS secret for an
external Ceph Cluster right when creating the storage.
Up until now, they had to be manually placed in

In order to reuse as much code as possible, I had to adjust the
PVE::CephConfig::ceph_create_keyfile method to be able to pass the
secret in as parameter.

changes since v2: rebased and hopefully omit adding unintentional
characters ;)
changes since v1: fixed checks to avoid accidentially deleting the
keyring/secret file

Aaron Lauterer (2):
  CephConfig: add optional $secret parameter
  Ceph: add keyring parameter for external clusters

 PVE/API2/Storage/Config.pm  |  2 +-
 PVE/CLI/pvesm.pm            | 12 ++++++++++--
 PVE/CephConfig.pm           | 15 +++++++++------
 PVE/Storage/CephFSPlugin.pm | 22 ++++++++++++++++------
 PVE/Storage/RBDPlugin.pm    | 26 ++++++++++++++++++++------
 5 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)


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