[pve-devel] minor french translation correction

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 19 07:38:15 CEST 2020


On 13.08.20 15:07, Luc Milland wrote:
> first of all, as a quite new PVE user, I must thank all developers for the awsome piece of code that PVE is.
> I just noticed today that there are some mistakes in the french .po files. I was about to submit a pull request, but I stumbled on the "Contributor License Agreement" stuff and I don't think the minor corrections I have to submit worth the hassle.

Once done you can submit as many minor and major correction you want, we'd
appreciate that for sure. :)
But, I understand what you mean and I can pickup those few changes myself :)

> So here they are. To sum up :
> - 'license' -> 'licence'
> - 'Your subscription status is valid' -> "Votre licence est valide'
> The latter is the most important, as the current translation says that "the license has an invalid status" which is quite confusing :)

Thanks for this fixes, albeit I have one question:
Proxmox does not sells licenses, after all we're open source under AGPLv3, but
only (support) subscriptions, so is "licence" actually fitting for this?

My French is very limited, but checking with a translation tool[0] I get
"abonnement" or "souscription" as possible translations. Would one of them make
more sense in this context?

[0]: https://www.deepl.com/translator#en/fr/subscription


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