[pve-devel] minor french translation correction

Luc Milland luc.milland at clementimprimeurs.fr
Thu Aug 13 15:07:48 CEST 2020

Hello people,

first of all, as a quite new PVE user, I must thank all developers for 
the awsome piece of code that PVE is.

I just noticed today that there are some mistakes in the french .po 
files. I was about to submit a pull request, but I stumbled on the 
"Contributor License Agreement" stuff and I don't think the minor 
corrections I have to submit worth the hassle.

So here they are. To sum up :

- 'license' -> 'licence'
- 'Your subscription status is valid' -> "Votre licence est valide'

The latter is the most important, as the current translation says that 
"the license has an invalid status" which is quite confusing :)

Here is a diff if this can help :

--- fr.po.orig	2020-08-13 14:53:19.702592758 +0200
+++ fr.po	2020-08-13 14:52:10.075303613 +0200
@@ -3125,7 +3125,7 @@

  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/dc/Summary.js:269
  msgid "Mixed Subscriptions"
-msgstr "Licenses mixtes"
+msgstr "Licences mixtes"

  #: proxmox-widget-toolkit/node/NetworkEdit.js:173
  #: proxmox-widget-toolkit/node/NetworkEdit.js:278
@@ -3454,7 +3454,7 @@

  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/dc/Summary.js:262
  msgid "No Subscription"
-msgstr "Sans license"
+msgstr "Sans licence"

  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/form/VMSelector.js:161
  msgid "No VM selected"
@@ -4402,7 +4402,7 @@
  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/node/Subscription.js:178
  #, fuzzy
  msgid "Remove Subscription"
-msgstr "Sans license"
+msgstr "Supprimer la licence"

  #: pmg-gui/js/Utils.js:647
  msgid "Remove all attachments"
@@ -5372,13 +5372,13 @@
  #: pmg-gui/js/ClusterAdministration.js:268 
  #: pmg-gui/js/Subscription.js:23 
  msgid "Subscription"
-msgstr "License"
+msgstr "Licence"

  #: pmg-gui/js/Subscription.js:15 pmg-gui/js/Subscription.js:124
  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/node/Subscription.js:9
  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/node/Subscription.js:124
  msgid "Subscription Key"
-msgstr "Clé de license"
+msgstr "Clé de licence"

  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/dc/Summary.js:56
  msgid "Subscriptions"
@@ -6591,7 +6591,7 @@
  #: pmg-gui/js/dashboard/SubscriptionInfo.js:21
  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/dc/Summary.js:278
  msgid "Your subscription status is valid."
-msgstr "Votre status de license n'est pas valide."
+msgstr "Votre licence est valide."

  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/storage/ZFSPoolEdit.js:50
  #: pve-manager/www/manager6/storage/ZFSPoolEdit.js:57



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